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Company :Novoalquimia

Adress :Blanco Viel 590
Cerro Barón
Valparaíso, CHILE



Phone :+56 9 5664 2939

Transmuting science and engineering

This Company has high standards in R&D+i, and focuses on finding the most creative and efficient solutions possible to diverse industrial problems. We have added value nationally by generating new products and services, and also through investigation, development and innovation (R&D+i). We have achieved this by having a first rate interdisciplinary group of professionals, with experience in the forming and execution of projects and international research.

Our team is methodical and creative par excellence and works with your company in order to find the best possible solutions.

Our team also has considerable know-how and trajectory with different projects involving national and international funds (CORFO, CONICYT, FIA, AECID, MARIE CURIE RISE, H2020).


Prevention of soiling

Recycling of PVM and PVP

Project Consultants

Development of Chemical Products

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